About Us

Meet Us!

FESL is an indigenous Nigerian Company duly registered with the CAC and has been delivering unrivaled solutions since inception.

Our Values

Our core values engender from a professional need to create and deliver satisfactory support services to our clients each and every time.

Our Mission

To provide oilfield support services characterized by indigenous professionalism, integrity and commitment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the preferred Nigerian oil and gas services company known for the provision of innovative engineered solutions.

Our Performance Rating

Engineering 99%
Procurement 95%
Equipment Rental 96%
Construction & Commissioning 93%
Support Services 96%
Marine Services 93%
Consultancy 98%
Pre-commissioning & Commissioning 90%

Our Strengths

Our Strength lies in our ability to deliver excellent and outstanding services with each client. Over time, we have effectively delivered quality across every area of our operations.

How We Stand Out

Our excellence and verifiable track record has placed us in a clearly defined spot apart from the others. We have been reputed as being vast and highly knowledgeable in our areas of operation with a penchant for delivering unrivaled solutions. This is how we stand out.